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Every member of the Stealth Featured Tyers team has been nominated to the club and unanimously voted into the organization by our entire staff. It is no small accomplishment to be featured here.  Each of these fly tyers have demonstrated a mastery of their craft and are recognized here as contributors to the art and sport of fly tying.

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller

More About Brandon

Brandon started fishing 8 years ago at a lake located in Colorado.  He is constantly exploring new places to fish both around his home state and also many of the western states.  He also goes fishing in Mexico for Tarpon.  Brandon enjoys teaching other people how to fly fish.  Brandon started fly tying 2 years ago.  He now teaches people how to tie flies through Vise Rehab.  He ties flies every single day and enjoys tying with others.

Anthony Rowley

More About Anthony

Anthony grew up always having a passion for the outdoors. Growing up in Utah, Anthony had the opportunity to spend several days and nights in the Rocky Mountains hunting and fishing. At the age of 14, Anthony was taught by his grandfather how to fly fish and tie flies. Anthony set aside his bait fishing rod and hasn’t went back since. “Fly fishing is more than a hobby,”

says Anthony, “it is who I am.” Every spare moment is spent fishing, tying flies or helping others learn the magnificent sports. Anthony also hunts. He has a growing respect for nature that is expressed by utilizing all aspects of his game harvests by even taking hair, feathers, and fur to incorporate in his fly tying. There is something special about taking thread, raw materials and a hook to make something that can deceive nature.

Erik Svendsen


More About Erik

Erik has been fly fishing on and off since college but then, Erik tied his first fly over a year ago and was instantly addicted.  It has been a stepping stone for him to better understand the insects in local waters and why fish target certain flies better than others.  There is something about tying flies that helps Erik to escape the stresses of life and focus on something so small, only taking minutes sometimes from start to finish, that gives a sense of accomplishment.  It is a hobby that has allowed for creating great friendships off and on the water.  Often times with the other duties of life and family, it is hard to get out to the river or lake, but Erik can always whip out his bench and tie a few flies after the dust settles and everyone is asleep in the house.  There is nothing better than hooking a fish on something that you created with your own hands confirming that you must have done something right that day.  Keep on doing it right Erik, Stealth is glad to have you!

Evan Gazza


More About Evan

Evan makes his home waters in Western New York where he spends a lot of time chasing lake run Steelheads and Brown Trout.  While growing up Evan was always riding his bike to the closest pond to see what kind of fish were held in it. Evan got into fly fishing about 5 years ago after a few year hiatus from fishing while attending college and physical therapy school. In the past 3 years Evan has started tying his own flies and enjoys tying streamers and smaller nymphs as well as anything inbetween. It has become just as fun to tie the flies as it is to fish them for Evan.

Jeff Morneau


More About Jeff

Jeff Morneau has been fishing since he was 5 with his father. It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that Jeff began his fly fishing journey, only to fall in love with the sport. More recently, Jeff began learning the art of tying flies with one of his good friends. Early on in his tying career, Jeff utilized videos to learn and has been rapidly growing since. The creativity involved, using different colors, making exciting patterns, and the strive to make the perfect fly are what drive his hobby. Although, not all flies may be perfect, Jeff is still tying, fishing, and catching to release. Jeff tries, like most of us, to document his passion of the sport and share his knowledge for the next generations to come. We are happy to welcome Jeff into our Stealth team!

Jeremy Anderson


More About Jeremy

While growing up, Jeremy’s father taught him how to cast, read water, and chose the perfect fly. After his earlier fishy years Jeremy began to grow into the sport even more so with classes and teachings of his own. Jeremy is and will continue to be a life long student. He continually seeks help and surrounds himself with passionate, intelligent individuals of the sport. After chasing trophy rainbow and wild salmon with his father as a child, Jeremy began tying his own flies. Now, fly tying is has become one of his favorite hobby. Jeremy enjoys learning from all fly fishers and fly tiers alike. Jeremy uses Eddie Robinson’s Fly Shop as a resource for tips and inspiration for local patterns. Having drive towards the sport and to teach others makes us proud to have Jeremy on our Stealth team! You can follow Jeremy’s fly fishing and dreams @flyfishingpro on Instagram.

Louis Philippe Gelinas


More About Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe became a fly tying instructor as soon as he began to believe in his fly tying abilities. From the young age of 15, Louis Philippe started his teaching endeavors by giving lectures and instructing classes. Now, Louis Philippe is ever striving to specialize in vast world of entomology. Sharing knowledge of fly tying and fly fishing is always a priority, hence why he is continually attending fishing shows; teaching, speaking, and instructing. Louis Philippe’s expertise made him a go-to professional for anyone inquiring about aquatic entomology. We are pleased to have such a passionate guy who can’t live without fly tying, be apart of our Stealth team!

Seth Tassos


More About Seth Tassos

Like the lucky few of us, Seth grew up chucking rooster tails and power bait with his dad on local stocked streams and ponds. With a desire for more, he picked up his first fly rod 11 years ago and hasn’t looked back. Not only did Seth become obsessed with the art of casting and reading the water, he entered a whole new chapter of life. This chapter began shortly after realizing how expensive losing all these flies could become. As a ploy to save money Seth decided to start tying his own, little did he know it would not only consume him, but also an entire room in his house. Seth now spends his days on Spring Creek in State College PA lifting up rocks and matching the hatch for the next wild Pennsylvania brown trout. Life is good for Seth. So is being apart of the Stealth team!

Michael Albano


More About Michael Albano

Michael Albano has been fly fishing for 20 years and fly tying for 10. Michael has dedicated the past 20 years honing his fly fishing and tying techniques while fishing the Upper Delaware River system as well as many rivers in the Catskill, NY area, spring creeks on Long Island & Steelhead Alley. He has a passion for teaching fly tying techniques and is becoming a regular at fly fishing and tying expos showing off his skills behind the vise. Michael is a member of the Catskills Fly Tying Guild, Long Island Fly Rodders, Long Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited, an Ambassador for Hatch Outdoors & Stealth Fly Products. When he is not fishing or at the vise he is spending time with his wife and two young children, he resides in Long Island, NY.

Master Tyers

Every member of the Stealth Master Tyers team has been nominated to the club and unanimously voted into the organization by our entire staff. It is no small accomplishment to be featured here.  Each of these fly tyers have demonstrated a mastery of their craft and are recognized here as contributors to the art and sport of fly tying.

Scott Blackhurst

More About Scott Blackhurst

Scott Blackhurst has been fly tying for a lifetime and is a member of the Stealth Pro Staff team. In addition to winning 1st place in the 2016 Orvis fly tying competition, he is also the creator of the Blackhurst Tactical Caddis Emerger. Scott has chosen to donate his time and talents to a variety of non-profit organizations such as Idaho2Fly and Project Healing Waters.  are proud to have have Scott as a STEALTH Pro Staff member.

Staff Picks

These are some of our favorite flies tied on STEALTH HOOKS by exceptional fly tyers