Stealth Fly Fishing Tools

Stealth… rethinking fly fishing

Stealth Hemo, Straight, 5″

Stealth Mitten Scissor Hemo 6″

Stealth Scissor Hemo, Soft Touch, 6″

Stealth Soft Touch Nipper, 2″

Stealth Spring Creek Hemo, Curved, 5″

Stealth Spring Creek Hemo, Rubber Grip

Stealth Hemo, Straight


Our five inch hemostat was designed to be rugged, highly functional and inexpensive.  Our combination flat and striated jaws increase functionality.  We included a fine point eye cleaner and made them in stealth black to reduce glare.
Technical Specifications
  • Half smooth
  • Half striated
  • Eye cleaner

Stealth Mitten Scissor Hemo


This is one of our personal favorites.  The great thing about this tool is that it can be used in cold weather, even with gloves on, and you never need to get your hands wet.  It is a multi-functional tool that has several features built in.  The unique design of this hemostat is the method of opening and closing.  Squeeze to open them, and squeeze to close them.  The hook release enables the fisherman to remove the hook from the fishes mouth without ever touching the fish or getting your hands wet.  The built in scissors and fine point eye cleaner complete the package
Technical Specifications
  • Quick release open and close
  • Hook remover
  • Built in scissor

Stealth Scissor Hemo, Soft Touch


Stainless steel construction hemostats built with durability and functionality in mind.  A super strong and rugged hemostat that still opens easily.  We designed these jaws with a smooth edge on the front and a striated texture on the back in order to maximize functionality.  We included a built in scissor, a soft touch foam grip and a fine point eye cleaner.
Technical Specifications
  • Smooth / Striated jaw
  • Built in scissors
  • Foam grip

Stealth Soft Touch Nipper


Our extra sharp machine ground nippers are made of very high carbon steel making them long lasting and a pleasure to use. Add our soft touch foam grip, an ultra fine eye cleaner and an affordable price tag and you have the Stealth Soft Touch Nipper.
Technical Specifications
  • Ultra sharp
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable grip

Stealth Spring Creek Hemo, Curved


We wanted to improve on what was already on the market and made several improvements to our spring creek hemostat.  We reduced the angle of the curved jaw making it more functional, we designed the jaws to be smooth and flat for crimping barbs, we reduced the tension on the jaws slightly making them easier and more comfortable to open and close, we added a fine point eye cleaner and of course we did them in stealth black.
Technical Specifications
  • Easy open
  • Functional curve
  • Eye cleaner

Spring Creek Hemo, Rubber Grip

We designed each of our spring creek hemostats with highly functional smooth flat jaws for crimping barbs or removing hooks with less pressure needed to open them, while maintaining the perfect balance of strength and durability.  The rubber grip makes them super easy to hold on to and of course we included a fine point eye cleaner.
Technical Specifications
  • Smooth jaw
  • Easy open
  • Rubber grip