Stealth Fly Tying Tools

Stealth… rethinking fly fishing

Stealth Beadzer, 4.5″

Stealth Bobbin Threader, 5.5″

Stealth Bodkin Needle

Stealth Rotary Hackle Plier

Stealth Tweezer, Curved, 3.5″

Stealth Whip Finisher

Stealth Beadzer


The Stealth Beadzer is like having a third hand. It is a reverse tweezer that holds beads and all types of other materials.  Provides a superb way to hold things in place, while tying them onto the hook. Our beadzers have been designed with a flat holding edge allowing for use with even the smallest of beads.
Technical Specifications
  • Flattened for greater range
  • Precision machined
  • More holding power

Stealth Bobbin Threader


We addressed the two most common problems with threaders when we designed our bobbin threader.  We went with a looped tip design which holds the threader open wider for easier threading.  We also designed a longer wire with better positioning of the thread gape so that it fits every size of bobbin.  Additionally, we included a half hitch tool and machined our handle with hexagon shape so it doesn’t roll off of your fly tying bench.
Technical Specifications
  • Looped tip design for easier threading
  • Wider thread loop
  • Half hitch tool

Stealth Bodkin Needle


An incredibly useful, yet often under utilized tool.  Built with an extra long, polished stainless steel needle, and a very fine ground point.  We designed our bodkin needle with a hexagon shaped handle so it wont roll off of the table and incorporated a half hitch tool for greater functionality.  Some of the things we use this need for include, tying nail knots, removing knots in leaders, whip finishing flies, tying half hitches, ensuring proper proportions in fly tying and picking out dubbing or other materials while fly tying.
Technical Specifications
  • Polished, long shank
  • Half hitch tool
  • Hexagon handle

Stealth Stealth Rotary Hackle Plier

In order to make our hackle pliers better, we focused on two things;  Our sure hold jaws use an oversized rubber insert on the gripping jaw and durable spring steel for the strongest hold on the materials so they wont slip out.  And in order to create smooth operation,  we have incorporated the use of steel, brass and aluminum to facilitate the smoothest  pliers possible so hackles don’t break.
Technical Specifications
  • Sure-Hold jaws
  • Smooth rotation
  • Ergonomic design

Stealth Tweezer, Curved


The perfect tool for inspecting insects sampled from the river and selecting the correct fly.  We designed our tweezers with a super fine, long tip so that you can actually see what you are trying to hold on to, or pick up.  We also angled the tip in two directions so that you can hold very fragile insects without crushing them.
Technical Specifications
  • Bi-Anglular tip to protect fragile items
  • Fine point
  • Elongated tips

Stealth Whip Finisher

This is the most popular style of whip finisher in use today by fly tyers.  Used properly, it provides the cleanest and most secure head.
Technical Specifications
  • Smooth operation
  • Cleaner heads
  • Wont fray thread